by Val Sivilli

Our visual world is glitzy, confusing, jammed with constant news and endless images beckoning for our attention. Our eyes are overworked, underestimated, overstimulated and often unfairly abused.  Images are sent to our televisions, computers, devices, magazines, movies, commercials, videos, billboards, etc, by artists whose inentions are to establish a marriage between narrative and content. If artistically deliberate palettes prove successful with their intended goal, our attention is engaged immediately and fully.  We respond consciously or otherwise, to the subliminal effects of palette choices through every single medium that we interact with.  Many times those palettes are chosen carelessly.  But then sometimes, when chosen with utmost intention, care and skill, those results are nothing less than pure magic.

This exhibition pays homage to the intentional use of the color palette. The work chosen for this exhibition harkens to the roots of  Color Theory giving a reverent nod to the two Josefs – Albers and Itten.  The artists in this exhibition have either studied Color Theory and/or are professors of Color Theory.

As many of my artist friends and colleagues have concurred, the most pivotal course in art school for many of us and the most difficult and also the most transformative was most definitely COLOR THEORY.