Sarah Roche

Sarah Roche

Keepers of the Chroma Statement
Orbit (of the Spectrum) is the latest in an ongoing series, Icons for Artists. The Icons are personal meditative objects for the studio and reflect on the materials and tools of the artist. Painted especially for the exhibition, Keepers of the Chroma, Orbit metaphorically includes the palette and the spectrum of pigments in a wheel that spins in complementary directions.

Orbit is a meditation on the movement of the spheres and the primal light of the stars including our sun. Light allows for all life as we know it. Light contains all the colors we see and some we cannot. White light reflects off the moon, whose part is played by a moon snail shell.

The movement of the spheres is personified by a woman in motion in the classical dynamic contrapposto position. She moves ahead, enlightening bodies in orbit. Painted in 2017, it is an attempt to put positivity forward in the life of the artist and the broader community, in what has been a dark period. Orbit is a love letter to the earth, sun, moon and stars. It is a call to protect the earth and all creatures.
Sarah Roche is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and Moore College of Art and Design. A native of Califon, NJ, she teaches at Raritan Valley Community College and Tyler School of Art at Temple University and is a technician at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.